So you think you don’t need to worry about Health and Safety?

Even a low hazard environment has risks which could injure your staff and visitors – maybe resulting in a fine or a compensation claim. Recently I visited two “low-haz” businesses, both office environments with less than 50 staff. The risk assessments I produced for them included the ubiquitous slips, trips and falls of course. But other risks to consider included:

  • VDU use – assessing staff at their workstations to make sure they don’t develop repetitive strain injuries.
  •  Electrical equipment – is everything PAT tested appropriately? Are there daisy-chained extension cables or overloaded sockets?
  • Cleaning chemicals – CoSHH assessments to prevent damage to eyes, skin, lungs, etc. such as dermatitis or occupational asthma.
  • Mains infrastructure – gas, electricity and water can all be serious hazards.
  • Contractors and visitors unfamiliar with the premises – often hazards seen every day can be overlooked.
  • Pregnant members of staff – these staff need to be particularly protected from hazards that wouldn’t affect most.
  • Lone working – whether working on the premises alone or when driving off site.
  • Manual handling – yes even carrying a box of printer paper can cause an injury, you’d be surprised.

Also, increasingly in today’s high pressure times, employers need to consider occupational stress. According to the HSE, in 2015/16 there were 11.7million working days lost due to stress, depression and anxiety; this was 45% of all days lost due to ill health.

Here’s a testimonial from the Operations Director of a business in Tamworth:

“I approached Helen at August Safety when our own Health & Safety Manager retired.  We needed someone who could review our risk assessments and offer general advice for our 30-strong business along with a multi-tenant office building we manage. From the first time I spoke to Helen it was clear that she was very experienced in her field and she certainly has a keen eye for detail.  She takes a non-judgemental, methodical approach to site inspections and is skilled at communicating all aspects of Health & Safety in a clear, concise and practical way. All of the work Helen has done for us to date has been to the highest standard and we will continue to work with her and recommend her to business colleagues for years to come.”

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